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A Message from Sharon:

I've always loved pretty rocks! Like a lot of children, when I was little I had a rock collection in a box. It consisted of red shale, driveway stone (with white quartz), and rocks from the creek-bed. My favorites were the ones with the white quartz, although at the time I had no idea what it was. 


Then, about 15 years ago I discovered “crystals” (pretty rocks) and started a new collection that did not go into a box. A few years later I started doing Angel Card Readings for people and I would bring along some of my crystals to create a feel-good energy atmosphere. I began to have a lot of people ask if I also sold crystals. Well, for 18 years I owned and operated a bookstore, so I knew all about retail and selling things. I thought, “why not start selling them; that would be fun.”


My side job (I had a full-time job as a Service Coordinator) started in my apartment...on the third floor. I would have “Open Houses” once or twice a month and they became quite popular. However after a while, I noticed that people were huffing and puffing after climbing all those stairs!


Then my friend Michelle Peguero opened Bodhisattva Yoga Studio on Main Street in Bloomsburg, PA and invited me to move my crystals into her studio. No more stairs! With easier access and my friends Michelle and Heather helping me sell the crystals, it was a much better location. Better, but not perfect.


While I regretted having to move my crystals out of the Yoga Studio, when the opportunity to move to an even better, much more visible location became available, I just had to take it!


In April of 2018 we moved the shop into 212 East Street, right behind the rose garden, practically at the corner of Main, East & Lightstreet Road, where everyone at the intersection and those walking down the hill from Bloomsburg University can see us! It's a wonderful location with high visibility and the move has been a huge success! 


I now have a full-time job, as Property Manager at Bloomsburg Towers, so Heather manages the shop for me and keeps things running smoothly. She also takes appointments for Reiki, Angel and Tarot Card Readings, Music Readings and more.


You can catch me at the shop twice a month, every other Saturday.

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